How a Pen Can Drastically Improve Your Loom Knitting

Typically when you are loom knitting you need four basic things: yarn, a loom, a loom hook, and a yarn needle. I’m going to tell you how adding one more tool to your toolkit can drastically level up your loom knitting game.

When my mother introduced me to loom knitting, she passed on a tip (that was passed onto her from another loom knitter) that completely changed how I loom knit. Not only did this tip speed up my knitting, but it also evened out my tension and eased my wrist strain. You probably already have the needed tool in your house right now – a cheap pen!

By using an empty pen casing to guide your yarn around the pegs, it takes your loom knitting from this:

to this:

So much better!

The only issue you’re going to come across is threading the yarn through the pen casing.  Personally, I use the unorthodox, but extremely fast and effective method of threading the yarn into one end and sucking it through the other. But there are other methods out there of getting it done if you want to keep it a bit classier.

Once you thread your yarn through your pen casing, create your slip knot and attach it to the anchor peg. Hold the pen like, well…a pen, and start casting on! Whenever I watch myself loom knitting this way, I feel like a 3D printer 😂

Do you have any tips and tricks that you use to improve the efficiency or comfort of your craft? I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment below to let me know 👇






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