T-Shirt Yarn Nesting Baskets

I love using Centre Single Crochet (CSC), or the Waistcoat stitch because of the way it stacks stitches, allowing you to follow graphs for cute patterns and graphics. A side effect of this stacking is that the stitches are much tighter together, giving the crocheted piece a thicker, heavier feel. Pair this with an already sturdy yarn such as t-shirt yarn, and you end up with a very solid material.

The idea for this project stemmed from my mess of a coffee table and my desire to use my Hoooked t-shirt yarn. These guys are the perfect size to organize a desk, vanity, coffee table, or kitchen counter. I can’t wait to make some more sets of these guys in a bunch of different colours and patterns!

If you don’t already know how to CSC, check out the tutorial from the one and only Tamara over at Moogly here.

Hoooked Zpaghetti – less than 1 skein of each colour
You can substitute the above yarn with any t-shirt yarn or super bulky cotton yarn.
8mm Crochet Hook

Stitches Used:
MR – Magic Ring
SC – Single Crochet
BLO – Back Loops Only
CSC – Centre Single Crochet, or Waistcoat stitch.
SL ST – Slip Stitch

– Finished baskets size(s) approx:  Base: 5″ (S), 6″ (M), 7″ (L), Sides: 3.5″
– This pattern is worked in the round and joined with SL ST at the end of each row.
– It is recommended to finish the small basket first, medium basket second, and large basket third. Since t-shirt yarn can vary in thickness this will allow you to gauge the number of rounds you need to work on the base (add or remove an increase round) and sides (add or remove rounds) to ensure the baskets nest properly.
– Additional rounds and stitches for each size is are shown as small, medium, large


Round 1: MR 8 (8) SL ST to join.
Round 2:  2 SC in each stitch around (16). SL ST to join.
Round 3: 2 SC in the first stitch, 1 SC in next stitch. Repeat around. (24) SL ST to join.
Round 4: 2 SC in the first stitch, 1 SC in next two stitches. Repeat around. (32) SL ST to join. Do not fasten off.

Round 5: 2 SC in the first stitch, 1 SC in next four stitches. Repeat around. (40) SL ST to join.  Do not fasten off. 
Round 6: 2 SC in the first stitch, 1 SC in next four stitches. Repeat around. (48) SL ST to join.  Do not fasten off.


Round 1: In BLO, 1 SC in eash stitch around. (32, 40, 48). SL ST to join.
Round 2 – 6 (7, 9):  1 CSC in each stitch around. (32, 40, 48). SL ST to join. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Optional Rim Binding

To add some contrast or a finished look to your baskets, you can add a simple SL ST border to the rim of your basket.

Step 1: Insert your hook into any stitch in the top row of your basket, and draw through a loop of yarn. DO NOT yarn over and draw up another loop as if you were going to make a SC (like I did each time out of habit) as we are going to SL ST across.
Step 2: Insert your hook into the next stitch, y/o and pull through loop, completing the SL ST.
Step 3: Continue your SL ST (Step 2) around the rim of your basket. Fasten off and weave in ends.


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