Behind the Yarn: My First Projects

The credit of introducing me to the art of crochet goes to my mother. In the winter of 2015, my mother had a co-worker who was teaching her to crochet. Since she knew I had crafty inclinations she picked up a few balls of yarn and some hooks and came over to my apartment to teach me.

The project was an infinity scarf made of chunky wool with a 10mm hook. It was awkward in my hands at first, but with some practice, I was able to slowly but surely work my way through it. I still have this un-intentionally ribbed, hilariously uneven scarf, but that’s the great thing about twisty chunky textured infinity scarves – you can’t tell it’s not perfect when you’re wearing it! This gave me both the satisfaction of creating something I could wear, and the confidence to improve.

My first crochet project - a dark blue (unintentionally) ribbed infinity scarf.
The scarf that started it all!

Christmas was shortly thereafter, and I spent the holidays sitting in front of the television with my mother; watching Netflix, drinking mimosas by day, Bailey’s by night, and crocheting. I ended up making an entire blanket (Red Heart: Ripple Flash Dance Throw) in about a week. It was my second project.

This beauty is still in use, and actually on my lap as I type!

After seeing this blanket come to life before my eyes, I was officially hooked (pun 100% intended).

And the rest is history. I’ve been on my adorable journey of crocheted adventure ever since!




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